Old School Advantages of Using Glass Thermometers

Reading temperatures is just a part of life. For most of us, the only need for temperature reading comes when someone in the house is feeling sick. Whatever the case may be, having a reliable thermometer on hand is a great thing.

Though they look and feel a bit old-school, glass thermometers are an effective tool. If you weren’t sure why someone would use a glass thermometer in this day and age, there are actually some key benefits to be had.


There are a lot of thermometers out there to choose from. When you buy a glass thermometer from RS, you won’t have to worry about getting used to any additional buttons or features that come with some of the more recent thermometers on the market.

Glass thermometers are great for things like home healthcare because they are completely simple to use. They have little dashes on them to denote each temperature mark, so there are no extra bells and whistles to mess around with. Simply apply them where needed and garner a quick reading within a few short moments. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

No Batteries Required

Nearly every modern thermometer comes with a battery of some sort. Some are removable and can be changed out quickly. Others need to be charged for a certain amount of time before they can be used again. Whatever the case may be, those batteries can present challenges that don’t exist when it comes to glass thermometers.

Glass thermometers are very straightforward. There are no additional components to worry about. Most of all, you won’t be stuck with a useless device if the battery dies or needs to be replaced. Glass thermometers are available to be used right then and there, with no need to fiddle around or wait because of a battery issue.

Wide Range of Applications

Though we think about glass thermometers as mostly a personal healthcare tool, they aren’t limited to just that. Before battery-powered thermometers and digital thermometers became commonplace, glass thermometers were one of the only ways to consistently measure temperature in a variety of applications.

Glass thermometers are also built to hold up against high temperatures. In a pinch, they can be used for personal healthcare but also for things like measuring water temperature. It isn’t exactly the most complicated process in the world and glass thermometers keep it simple so you can get the reading that you have been looking for. There’s an old saying: “Keep it simple, stupid” and that has never been truer than it is with glass thermometers.

Great Durability

Though they look like they could break easily, glass thermometers are actually built to be durable. Part of that has to do with very practical reasons – no one wants a product that is going to break all the time. The other reason is that glass thermometers have mercury inside, which can be quite dangerous if it were to leak out and be exposed to people and pets. For that reason, the glass has been tempered to ensure that it will hold up against most common household bumps and bruises.

That’s not to say that they should be stepped on or treated aggressively because they will break under those circumstances. Unlike electronic thermometers, however, you don’t have to worry about them malfunctioning because of a simple drop. Glass thermometers can be picked up with no second thoughts, used again in no time. While there may be more features on most of today’s thermometers, glass thermometers are meant to be there for years and years down the line.

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